Thank You, Lacey Sturm

Aimee Otero | March 26, 2017

I wanted to pay my own small respects to Lacey Sturm, one of my favorite artists after I found out that she will be at this years’ Soul Fest….. I decided to create an introductory of sorts….the way she’s inspired MY life…

I first heard the band Flyleaf (previously fronted by Lacey) in late 06. The Sound of Life Radio had a nightly weekend program on centered around Christian rock and hip hop. When I first heard the song “Fully Alive ” I remember being so moved. Not only did this girl testify her once brokenness, but she screamed the truth too…that she was no longer living that old way. She was firmly , Fully Alive. I think this took place sometime around October/November. By Christmas of that same year, I bought my first Flyleaf album. The songs were bold and when Lacey sang….she wasn’t just singing. She was declaring. …every emotion, every time that felt alone , and eventually, every victory…..

By the coming year I was officially hooked on Flyleaf and their awesome front woman…..but as I listened more , I realized it wasn’t Lacey that made herself “awesome” It was the love of Jesus Christ. The same Love that wanted so badly for me to know He was there in my brokenness and in my every part of rationalizing. ..He didn’t want me to do “this Christian walk attempt ” by myself. He was going to open my heart so radically. ..the same way He did for Lacey. Because¬†I was under the impression that Salvation was enough… “Alright, I said the sinner’s prayer. I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose again. I’m all set now. Life goes no further until I do something good and see my reward, right? ” Boy was I very wrong.

I’m grateful for that night eleven years ago. God did something mighty through that music. Flyleaf was the first Christian band I truly gravitated to. I knew about Kutless and Skillet . I enjoyed their music but I never took action by the way God spoke to me through it. It is so important to keep pursuing that still small voice… These artists play such a vital role in how our love for the Lord is shaped. I guess I just want to say Thank You. Like Lacey Sturm, They too are changing someone’s life right now….

Aimee Otero

I am more than what this world might label me. I am a lover of many passions but the root of all I love comes from One source.His name is Jesus Christ. I have found so much of His amazing truth in so many different aspects but the one outlet I continually return to is music. Music holds emotion. It holds our is our ability to connect to people who we don't even know. I am this music. We all are and it's my hope to share just that here with you all.We are the heartbeats of His love and this music unites us in that.
Aimee Otero

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