The Letter Black

Linda | May 1, 2017

Exciting news for The Letter Black fans. The band is releasing their heavier rock/metal album, Pain in May. Their last album, Rebuild was released back in 2013 so it’s been a while, creating a great excitement from their fans for new music from them. In recent live streaming, Q & A’s the band members have stated that they have discovered they were meant to carry a heavier sound. Sara Anthony enjoys screaming and has incorporated more of it into this album. Mark Anthony, on the other hand, revealed that he doesn’t really enjoy doing vocals so is focusing more on guitar this time around. To get you ready for the new album, we will take a little journey down The Letter Black’s music memory lane.

The Letter Black was formerly known as Breaking the Silence and started in Uniontown, Pennsylvania in 2006. The band consists of Sarah (vocals) and Mark Anthony (guitar), who are married, Matt Beal (bass) and Justin Brown (drums). They are classified in the genres of rock, hard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge and nu-metal. Many of their earlier songs reflect the feelings they had as a result of being hurt by people in their church. You can experience the feelings of working through bad relationships with people and coming out on the side of forgiveness, yet a severing of ties with those that did damage in their lives. Former members of the band were Adam DeFrank, Keith Anselmo and Matt Slagle. Although they raised money for their upcoming album on Kickstarter, they have signed with

Although they raised money for their upcoming album on Kickstarter, they have signed with EMP Music Group to help with release and marketing of the album after talking to  (Megadeth bassist) David Ellefson and Thom Hazaert of EMP LABEL GROUP.


2007, Stand, Independent

2010, Hanging on By a Thread, Tooth & Nail Records

2013, Rebuild, Tooth & Nail Records

2017, Pain, EMP Music Group/Kickstarter


2009, Breaking the Silence

2011, Hanging on by a Thread, Sessions Volume 1

2011, Hanging on by a Thread, Sessions Volume 2

STAND – 2007


REBUILD – 2013


In stores May 21, 2017, Preorder




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